Column Validation for Phone Number Code?

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Dear SP Gurus,
Does anybody know the rule I need to place in the phone number column settings so I can valadate a user's entry of a phone number?
I would like it to be in the following format.

Thanks for your help
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You can achieve this by using calculated column.


create 2 columns 

1.ContactNumber -Single line of text(for example).

2.Phone Number -Calculated Column(to show actual Phone Number).

Insert following formula in Phone Number formula field





Now on default view, you can hide Contact Number Column.

Create a new Item and you done.

Insert dataInsert data



Your Final ViewYour Final View



Cheers !


Thanks Vipin, 

Isn't there a way that the field makes sure that the user types it in the right format the first time?

I thought that is what validation does?

What I am trying to avoid is users forgetting to type in the are codes, my staff have been forgetting the dashes too!

I am getting a lot of different variations of phone numbers.