Column formatting not showing when view shown in a List Web Part (Modern Page and List)

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I have a list with a JSON Column Formatter applied, the column format works fine when viewing the list directly, however when I'm using the List Web Part (still appears to be a preview part), the column formats are not displayed.


Is this a known limitation? Are there any timescales for a fix, or any workarounds available to allow me to embed a list view into a page with multiple other web parts and retain the column formatting from the JSON Formatter?

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Well, IMHO it's not a well known limitation, it's just that the modern List and Document Library WebParts does not support column formatting....column formatting is just something specific (at the moment) of the modern lists and document libraries

Did you do it directly in the view or on the column itself? 

Maybe a workaround could be to use ContentTypes and format the column in there.

He is talking about the modern list WebPart....I simply think this WebPart just not take into account any customization you have in your modern list

The format is applied directly to the column.  Juan Carlos is right that it's in the Modern List Web Part that the format doesn't show.


We're effectively trying to build a dashboard across several lists / libraries and need to be able to show the formats to clearly highlight certain status items.  It's a shame that the Web Part ignores the formats, as this would save us writing custom code or going with other more complex options like PowerBI.


Any ideas when (or even if) the Modern List Web Part will support column formats?

I guess one of the folks that can help here is @Lincoln DeMaris

Thanks for looping me in.  We are working on adding the column formatting functionality to the list view web part now.  We are planning on shipping this functionality in the next couple of months.

That's great news, many thanks for the update ... Looking forward to seeing this go live :)

Dear Lincoln,


Are the next couple of month a matter of 3-4 month or a matter of 6 to 12 month.

It would be good know, if I can count on it when we go online with our awesome new SPO platform in June or I need to work on an alternative solution.


Thx for letting me know


We're actually planning on rolling this out in the next month or two.  We have not made the announcement yet, so it's not certain, but we're on a path to ship very soon.

Hey Lincoln,


Hope all is going well.  Any update on when this will be available?


Thanks in advance,



Any update on this feature rolling out. Last update in this thread was about 2 months ago.


There's some good news... When can we expect roll out of column formatting in modern list view web part? Please help!

My inner cynic tells me that nothing new will come out until the big show in Las Vegas in May. 

Hi Mike,


We are running into the same issue as well when adding a list using JSON green-yellow-red status column directly as a web part. 


Don't if this will meet your requirements but the workaround I've implemented is utilizing Page Viewer (see below for the procedure I went thru), which seems to work fine for now. Hopefully Microsoft will support JSON formatter in web parts in the future.



  1. Make note of the URL for your SharePoint list.
  2. Go to your SharePoint page you want to add the web part and select Edit page.
  3. Click on the Insert tab > Web Part > Media and Content > Page Viewer.
  4. In the Page Viewer web part, select Edit Web Part.
  5. In the Page Viewer dialog, make sure Web Page is selected, than enter the URL noted from Step 1 into the field provided.
  6. Click Apply.

NOTE:  You may need place a fixed height or width (in Appearances section) accordingly on the web part as well.

It is available now on my account, but I am setup for targeted release in our tenant so I imagine it will be generally available very soon?

Hello! Is there an update on this feature?

This feature is now fully rolled out; you should be seeing column formatting inside web parts now in your environment.

Hi Lincoln, 


Thanks for the update! I can see the column formatting in the Web Part pages, but when I assign a view to the Web Part, the view does not stay once the page is published. 


Is there a fix planned for the Web Part views to actually stay in the Web Part pages? 


On Site and Wiki pages, I can get the correct view to show once the page is published, but the JSON column formatting does not show.


Is there a type of page where the web part has both column formatting and correct (not always the default) view?






I would also like formatting to show up on Views.  Can this be done?  Would be extremely useful for me.