Collect signatures list workflow cannot add or remove signatures

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I apologize if this is not the correct venue to ask this kind of question. If not, please let me know where would be more helpful.


My workplace uses SharePoint Collect Signatures workflow on a SharePoint list of documents in ordr to speed up approval process and keep the office paper free, using digital signatures on a Microsoft Word document.


However, it seems that after recent updates to SharePoint and Microsoft Office last year, that workflow no longer works on Microsoft Word. After one person signs the document through SharePoint, when the document is opened next all the signatures are blank. There doesn't sem to be any error message or explanation of what's going on; the workflow is marked as "Completed" despite the document having no signatures on it.


Is this the intended behavior of the Collect Signatures workflow for the latest versions of SharePoint and Word, or is there a crucial step that I am missing? And if it is the intended behavior, is there a workaround that people are using?




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