Code changes done in spfx react webpart doesn't reflect when tested using hosted workbench

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Hi All,

I have downloaded the spfx react webpart code from our team's GitHub repository and extracted into the location in my local machine , where Node JS [v10.24.1]and SharePoint generator [v1.11.0] are installed. I tested the code by running "gulp serve" and it works properly in hosted workbench. But when I make changes in the code, even the text output changes, then save it and test it similarly in Hosted workbench , by running "gulp build " and then " gulp serve" , I can't see the changes in the same webpart in the hosted workbench.


My teammate tried the same process in her local machine, but in her case, it worked and changes were reflecting. Can anyone help me understand why this issue might be happening in my case? and how it can be resolved?

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