Classic SharePoint Online Surveys - wrap text for long questions


How can I wrap text for long questions in Classic SharePoint Online Surveys? We want to avoid the horizontal scroll bar. 

Any workarounds or alternatives? We are feeding the survey list responses to visualize data using PowerBI.


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Best option, that I guess is not valid for you, is to build your custom survey form so you can customize in the way you want. Survey Apps in SPO is a very, very old list and it's quite limited in what you can customize. Another alternative to classic survey app is to use Forms

Thanks Juan! Not sure if Forms is available yet to this GOV tenant but I will check. Do the Forms responses go into a SharePoint list? Can the Forms responses be connected to PowerBI for visualization?

The responses are stored on an Excel file!

From the road map site: Microsoft Forms will go out of Preview and into GA for Office 365 commercial subscribers in January 2018. Generally GCC is behind 6-12 months. Do you know when Forms will roll out to GCC in 2018?  The road map site returns no hits for GCC and Forms.

Is the Excel file accessible with a URL so that it can be hooked up to PowerBI dashboard for real time visualization? I saw the Open in Excel on the responses tab but don't know how to find that file in the service.