Change the look Theme is not working with communication site

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Hello Team


We added custom theme in my tenant. 
Created a new communication site and tried to change the theme of communication site.
When i clicked on the Theme button. It will not working as expected.


Attached a image file in attchement


Does anyone face the same issue?



Dipen Shah


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Hey @Dips365,


Can you provide more details? I couldn't find your attachment.



We're experiencing a similar issue with the Theme link.  Clicking on it from the "Change the look" causes the Theme window to not appear, all other options (Header/Navigation/Footer) work as expected.  Attempting to change the theme through Site Settings results in an error.  I have a ticket open with Microsoft regarding this issue.

Also experiencing the same issue. Oddly for existing sites the options appear. @Dips365 

Any solutions to this? I'm experiencing the same problem. @K_123456789