CDN and Custom/Vanity domain name/URL for Sharepoint Online SPFx Webpart

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Please help me by answering below questions

1. The assets which gets hosted to public CDN is encrypted or not. if encrypted then kindly provide some helpful URLs for the study??

2. Can I access the CDN assets from outside SPO environment like what if I try to get the content using my MVC application ??

3.   Just to confirm we can use same assets hosted in public CDN from different SharePoint tenants ??

4. Will it work if I am using Vanity URLs for assets and if I choose to use Public CDN, Sometime back this scenario was not supported by Microsoft how about now ??



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Hi @UjwalN ,

what do you mean with "encrypted? 

Assets exposed in a public origin are accessible by everyone anonymously. .

You can also build your custom way to encrypt files "sharepoint extra" and a decryption procedure from clients that use cdn resources.

Try to see if Azure CDN can help you  .



Thanks Federico for your input on encryption thing.
Can you also see if you can provide some suggestions on rest of queries specially the Vanity URL one.

Thanks in Advance!!!