Capturing folder created event inside pnp folder exlorer control

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Hi All,


Is there any workaround to call a function when a new folder is created using folder explorer control?


FolderExplorer - @pnp/spfx-controls-react


I could not find anything in the document.


Thanks in advance

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Hi DarthWader

The control does not support that currently, but it should be a relatively simple update to the control:
- add a new optional property that is a callback function
- call that function after adding the folder if the property was defined

I suggest you log a new issue as an improvement within the GitHub repository for tracking. You could then implement it and send a pull request, or wait for someone to implement it.
Hi Joel,

I will do it. if I need some help, I will bug you in the same thread :D . Thanks for your time. Cheers.