Cannot retrieve details from Multiple lines text when Append Changes is enabled



I have a column I'd like to export the data from.  The column is a "Multiple lines of text" and has "Append Changes to Existing Text" enabled.


I'm unable to get the data from this field.  I've tried Sharepoint PNP and Exchange 2013 Powershell to attempt to get the data.  I get the column but no data is presented.  When looking at the web page itself the data is there.





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Can you add the column to the view and Have you tried using the "Export to Excel" option from command bar?

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I think I have my answer.

I guess when Append Changes is enabled its like versions.  


#$item.Fields | fl

$VersionData = ''
foreach($version in $item.Versions)
#$VersionData+= $version["Comments"]
$VersionData+= $version["Status_x0020_Comments"]
Write-Host $VersionData


Found here: