Cannot add SPFx Webpart to German SiteCollection in Sharepoint Online

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As stated, I am not able to add my SPFx Webpart to a SiteCollection in Sharepoint Online, which was created in German. 

As the developer tools tell me, there is a Syntax error in the automatically embedded Javascript. The error Message in German is enclosed in double quotes, altough in the text itself double quotes appear again, therefore causing a parameter error.


I used the default SPFx webpart generated with the react-framework, no adjustments. It works well on English SiteCollections as well as in the workbench.


Our Sites are all in German so we cannot switch to English Sites, but we want to build our new Project on the new Framework Infrastructure. Could you double-check this issue and if possible tell me, when  or how this could be solved? (I guess there is just the need to update som ressource-files)


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