Can we sort with First Name and Last name in Kanji character in Employee Directory ?

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I am trying to create an employee directory and I have created an Enterprise Search site. We are a group of companies and mainly work with Japanese. When editing the Search Results web part I have included this string into the & Available sort orders (JSON) field:
[{"name":"First Name (A - Z)","sorts":[{"p":"firstname","d":0}]}, {"name":"First Name (Z - A)","sorts":[{"p":"firstname","d":1}]}, {"name":"Last Name (A - Z)","sorts":[{"p":"lastname","d":0}]}, {"name":"Last Name (Z - A)","sorts":[{"p":"lastname","d":1}]}]

But the matter is the first name and last name are (Japanese Names) kanji characters. The preferred name is English + Kanji characters; preferred name is not supported to sorting. The account name also not supported by sorting. The sorting work with only English names only. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing this?


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