Can we make Yammer shorter?

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Hi all,


I'd like to make Yammer shorter.

I know Yammer Webpart can show 4 conversations at least but it is too long for our page.
Our farm will not allow any external sites including Yammer to show on iframe.

I tried to put iframe of Yammer Webpart page as an internal site.
Then, I have a problem with offset position.
I would like to show "just" Yammer Webpart on iframe.
I don't want to show page title or something, just show Yammer Webpart.


Is there any clue?

Your support is highly apprecited.


Best Regards,
Takeru Ishikawa

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The only customization options you have in any default SPO WebPart is by means of the WebPart Settings panel

@Juan CarlosO González Martín 

I understand.

We'll discuss another plan.


Thank you,

Takeru Ishikawa