Can't download PDF from rest API. PDF not supported error

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EDIT: I was able to "fix" it by returning it as a JSON object and one of the JSON object elements was the base64 encoding of the file. Then I used these 2 methods to convert the base64 encoding to an array and output the file


public Base64ToArrayBuffer(Base64: any)
        var binaryString = window.atob(Base64);
        var binaryLen = binaryString.length;
        var bytes = new Uint8Array(binaryLen);
        for (var i = 0; i < binaryLen; i++)
            var ascii = binaryString.charCodeAt(i);
            bytes[i] = ascii;
        return bytes;

    public SaveByteArray(FileName: string, ByteArray: any, MimeType: string)
        var blob = new Blob([ByteArray], { type: MimeType });
        var Link = document.createElement('a');
        Link.href = window.URL.createObjectURL(blob); = FileName;;


I have the following API call using aadHttpClientFactory which is calling an endpoint that returns a PDF byte array.


In the HttpClientOptions I'm setting the Content-Type to application/pdf and the Content-Disposition to attachment; filename="test.pdf".


When the API call runs the .post() method the res variable returns a 400 error that I put below. Is there somewhere in Azure or SharePoint where I need to allow the PDF content type? I have no issues with my API calls when I return JSON.


Also, I used Postman to test the endpoint using a bearer token and it works successfully and returns the byte array.





{"code":"400","status":"REQUEST_ERROR","errors":["Content type 'application/pdf;charset=UTF-8' not supported"]}
return new Promise<any>(async (resolve, reject) =>
                .then((client: any): void =>
                        .post(url, AadHttpClient.configurations.v1, HttpClientOptions)
                        .then((res: any) =>

                        }).catch(error =>
                }).catch(error =>






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