Can SPFX field customizer be applied to managed metadata type columns?

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I have created a spfx field customizer which works fine with all column except managed metadata type column. Is there any limitation to that or there is some issues with my code? @NanddeepNachan Do you have any idea on this?

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Yes. We can create SPFx field customizer for Managed Metadata column. So it might be possible something wrong with your code. 

And why you want to create SPFx field customizer even when you can achieve lots of things using Column Formatting It would be good if you can share exactly what you want to we can also suggest whether it can be achievable using JSON formatting or not.


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Actually I need to deploy this to 400k+ libraries that's why spfx is the only solution I can think about because json column formatting needs to be apply one by one in every libraries.



In that case, you can describe more on SPFx field customizer which you have created and share the code and let us know what is not working exactly.



@kalpeshvaghela Forgot about business logic as of now. Lets confirm and test whether Field customizer can be applied to managed metadata column or not?
I have a managed metadata column having internal name - SAEFSecurityClassification . I just want to show some text as of now. For example: field sampletext:field value.

my on render cell code is :

public onRenderCell(event: IFieldCustomizerCellEventParameters): void {
    // Use this method to perform your custom cell rendering.
     const text: string = `${}: ${event.fieldValue}`;
     event.domElement.innerText = text

Its not working at allm however its very simple logic. same code working on other field. i am not getting anything is log also.
PS: I have defined sampletext and internal field name as well as library URL is serve.json file.
Let me know if you need any other details.