Can I add a Content By Search WebPart to a Modern Page ?

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I am looking to0 put a Content By Search WebPart onto a Modern Page, but I am having trouble to to do it.


I would als0o like to add a SearchBox WebPart to a Modern Page so that I can search across Sites and Site Collections within My Tenancy ?  Again I cannot find out how to do this.  Or do I have to use classic pages ?





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If I'm not mistaken, you cannot add "classic" WebParts on modern pages...the other way around it's possible

Thanks Juan Carlos.


The search story on modern pages is awful !



Looking for a way to add a Search Box to 'Modern' pages in SharePoint.


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Totally agree...for a customer of mine, we ended creating SPFx WebParts that essentially work like the highlighted content webpart so we could place a search box in a page where those webparts are displayed