Caml Query issue for filtering item with some Value

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Dear All,


I am trying to filter the item from my sharepoint list but its not working.  I need to filter Jira value with some fix value. 


<View><Query><Where><IsNotNull><Eq><FieldRef Name = 'Jira'/><Value Type = 'Text'>FEATURE-2628</Value></Eq></IsNotNull></Where></Query><ViewFields><FieldRef Name='ID' /><FieldRef Name='Jira' /><FieldRef Name='StageGate' /><FieldRef Name='ProductFeature' /><FieldRef Name='ProductFeature' /><FieldRef Name='isDelete' /><FieldRef Name='isArchived' /><FieldRef Name='GATargetRelease' /></ViewFields><RowLimit>5000</RowLimit><QueryOptions /></View>"





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