Calling Web Services in InfoPath on SPO

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We're currently migrating from 2010 to Office 365 and we have a web service that is used in many of our InfoPath forms.


Is it accurate that the only way to do this is deploy the web service to Azure or other internet addressable server to host the web service?



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Basically the answer is yes, you need to deploy your web service in a place that will allow you to call the web service from Internet. Additionally to this, it's quite probable you will need to secure your web service (thinking on the OnPremises deployment option...with Azure you won't need this)
When you say "with Azure you won't need this" is that due to the fact that all of my O365 users are in Azure AD and I can utilize that for authentication/authorization?

Would this constitute a "provider hosted" app? Which would mean the claims ticket is available for all of these types of apps?

Does having ADFS in place for SSO change this at all?
Deploying the Web Service as part of a Provider-Hosted App could work but I think using App Only...other posible scenario you could evaluate is use an Azure AD App
Short answer - yes.. You'll need to move that web service into Azure. There's a few ways to do it but undoubtedly yes it needs to be in Azure.

Excellent, thank you for the info. We were able to move the service to an Azure Web App!




Accessing data from on premises sources from the Azure App Web Service.


Is Live IP the only option? Is anyone using this option? How was it received from your Infrastructure and Security teams?


I have not found a way to do this via the On-premises data gateway associated with Power BI.


However, in the Azure Portal there is another "On-premises data gateway (preview)" as an option that seems to talk about this type of funcationality.


Or are most of your organization moving data to Azure?