Bulk assign SharePoint Folder Permissions

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Hi Experts,


I am faced with a challenge where I need too assign different permissions to each of the 500+ sub-folders in a SharePoint folder. This folder contains sub folders for each line manager (folder name is manager name) in my organisation and I only want the named manager to have access to their specific folder and nothing else.


I have seen how these can be achieved manually but wondered if there is another way of doing this in bulk as it is time consuming doing it individually for 500+ files?


Has anyone faced this problem before, how did you get round to it?



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Hi @Ramson1809,


Maybe you could use the PnP PowerShell library to automatically set these permissions for you. Take a look at the Set-PnPFolderPermission command. You could use the -ClearExisting parameter to remove all existing permissions and then the -AddRole parameter to grant permission to the specified manager. Let me know if you need any help with that.

Thanks for your prompt response Carlos - very helpful. I will take a look at the links you have provided :)