Branding Modern site pages - SharePoint Online Modern UI Customization


Hi All,


My clients are planning for branding SPO sites like we used to do in earlier on-prem version of SharePoint sites/pages.

If they do branding of the SPO modern sites and pages like we used to do in classic sites using application extensions/customizer , will any upgrades on pages or elements of pages from backend that is pushed from Microsoft will affect the customization that is applied using SPFx extensions.


If yes, what are the best practices that needs to be followed to have minimum impact.

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Hi Chandni,

That will definitely happen as Microsoft advisers against that type/level of customisation.
The safe options are application customizer extensions using the pre defined areas and web parts. This will not allow you to fully brand your site, but will be reliable and not break when Microsoft make changes

@Joel Rodrigues 

Yes that makes sense. Because for on-prem versions as well, any changes on master pages used to affect the customization.

I guess the same applies here as well. And still there is so much scope in branding the modern sites that Microsoft is working on.

And don't forget that modern sites don't give you master pages, so your would be limited to modifying the DOM, which is really not recommended and should be avoided