Blank pages after deployment using the PnP PowerShell cmdlets august release

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Hi guys,


Since the august release of the PnP PowerShell cmdlets, I'm facing a really weird issue.
I developed a demo intranet solution for SharePoint Online containing a custom provisioning template and few other deployment steps.
When I deploy the solution using the august version of cmdlets (, all my publishing pages and list default views are just blank pages with the following code inside:


var gearPage = document.getElementById('GearPage');
if(null != gearPage)
document.title = "Error";

But when I deploy the solution using the June Intermediate 3 version, everything is OK. I really don't know what the problem could be.
I've suspected the custom master page but even if I go back to the seattle master page, the issue still remain.

For those who want to reproduce the issue, you can just follow the instructions here by deploying the solution in a new site collection:


Thanks for your help!

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Hi Frank, found the same after searching and tweeting i found out it has to do with the regional settings which where provisioned. You can read here more about the bug and solution you need to add the calendertype... kr, Paul

Thanks @Deleted, it works now (I didn't see the opened issue). Thanks again!