best way to create a manageable list structure???

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Hi All, 

I have a list (Table: Parts Ref) that is currently about 500k long with parts and images on each row 

from this reference list I would like to make multiple Parts lists each parts list would have about 200 parts (varying from the 500k above) there will be about 50k parts lists which can all have an individual part's list number.


I have created the Table: Parts Ref list and then created a new list 00001 with the Title being the part number I typed in and then the lookup bringing in the Part Name, and Image 


I believe this should allow me to just change the part name or image once in the Table: Parts Ref and it would flow through to each list .......


The problem is how do I then use this list 

If I create a new list called Model and for each model reference the corresponding list number 

Title                  List no

Model A            0001

Model B            0002

Model C            0003


what would I need to do to get this to be viewed in the users screen ?

From What I can tell I would have a

Table: Parts list with 500k rows 

Parts List: 0001, 0002, 0003 etc     Roughly about 50k (averaging about 200 rows each)

Model List: with around 80k rows (some models share the same parts list)


It feels like this is the best way to maintain the data .... but there may be another way ....

I am looking to develop a front end where the user can search for the model then be presented with the correct parts list 


I hope this makes sense 


In addition to this I would like to do the same for a folder list where I can create a list of documents that then can be placed in folders and be referenced to the correct model .... again it would help when updating a new version of a document to only replace it in the master list and it flow through to each folder


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