Best practice to get readable webpart JsonControlData for pnp provioning template?

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I love the office dev pnp provisioning template for creating templates and provisioning new sitecollections. I created a modern site and add some modern webparts on the welcome page. I did first get-pnpprovisioningtemplate to get the xml. In this xml I see the modern welcome page with the modern webparts. But the xml is ugly. It is not easy to understand it and to do small modifications. What is the best practice to get a userfriendly JsonControlData of a modern webpart?


This is what I see now:


jsoncontroldata ugly.png


Here is an example of JsonControlData  which you can read:



                DogajanjaNovosti0"}}" ControlId="a5df8fdf-b508-4b66-98a6-d83bc2597f63" Order="1" Column="1" />



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