Best Practice for Creating Custom Application in SharePoint Online & Sample?

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Hello World!

May I know what is the best practise for me to have Custom Application Deploy in SharePoint Online? For example, Vehicle/Room/Asset Booking System, Custom Leave/HR Application, Custom Claim form etc.. Any steps / guide for me to follow? Any sample working source to start with ?(I've already done the Hello World WebPart tutorial).

Normally I just found small application like in github (spfx-40-fantastics web parts). What I'm looking for a complete example simple system that run properly in modern site of SharePoint Online. Hope to get feedback from all you guys. Thanks.

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But no guide on how to create web application to publish in SharePoint Online. Or is it just can't be done at this moment?

Only way to publish a web application in SPO is by means of Provider-Hosted AddIns....Provider-Hosted Addins are external web applications that can be registered as AddIns in SPO and work with SPO data