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I have a Sharepoint Contact list with about 7000 records.


I would like to create a history on a couple of specific fields that captures old content, new content, when changed and by who. Id like to show this in a history in a Power App.


For example, User A updated Company Name from "Company A" to "Company B" on 14/03/2022 1:18pm


What would be the best way to achieve this? Would auditing be the right approach or a seperate table with a flow monitoring on update that then writes to a seperate table? Or any other way.


Thanks in advance



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@Todd Lane 


I'm guessing that you want a broader auditing capability that the typical version control can't satisfy. I'm sure that you've already spent a bit of time enabling version control and going through the various versions and then found out that it was a pain to report on...


The Use Case you are describing seems to point toward a common auditing list that has the capabilities you have described as columns.  This can then be updated whenever you target/intended list or library is changed using Power Automate, which can be fired off on any CRUD statement made to a SharePoint object.  It can also perform CRUD actions on any other SharePoint/Exchange/Supported Environment as a specified action.


If Power Automate were to update your "Auditing Table" you could then pull any report you wanted using Power BI, Excel or any other of your favourite reporting tools.


If your SP environment is On-Premise (excellent choice in my opinion) then you will need to install the connectors and gateway for Power Automate to work, but if it is on a 365 tenant then you already have the tools.