Azure Private CDN - Non-SharePoint Origins

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Regarding the Private CDN ( is it possible to set a non-SharePoint location as the origin of the files to be served through the private CDN? Or is the whole premise behind it that they must be on SharePoint so that the user can be authenticated/authorised against the origin location?


Just curious whether it's theoretically possible to host files outside of SharePoint, in an Azure Web App for example.




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This is not possible. Office 365 CDN only works with origins from SharePoint Online and for usage at SharePoint Online. 

Thanks Vesa.


One add-on question (if I may!)... What is the behaviour for provider hosted add-ins embedded on SPO pages? Guessing the referrer in this case would be the add-in as it's just an iframe on the SPO page, and therefore any assets used by the add-in would not be able to be served via the SharePoint CDN?

That's correct. Since URL is not *, it cannot take advantage of the CDN as such. Obviously you could usage some third party CDN in these cases, but that has additional costs.

Thanks Vesa, appreciate the quick response (and everything you do for the SharePoint community as a whole, for that matter!).