Automating creating of groups with a site pnp template


I'm finding it very frustrating how long it takes for the status of a Team Site created with New-PNPUnifiedGroup to change out of being "Creating". Initially couldn't understand why I couldn't call Apply-PnpProvisioningTemplate on a new site but then found the post below:


Thanks to @Manidurai Mohanamariappan's comment, I was able to see that the new site is still in "Creating" status even though I can access the site through the UI. I saw another post about setting the lock state but that seems a bit risky on create.


Does anyone know what it is doing and if it can be sped up at all?

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i think if you have a issue with it wait for the september release as they did a lot of things in this change #pnp

Fingers crossed for Ignite