Attaching files to a SharePoint list item via Graph API

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Is it possible to attach files to a SharePoint list item (not a drive item) using Graph API?


From some limited testing I've been able to tell when a list item has attachments, but not interact with those attachments or upload any additional attachments.


I can see that it's definitely possible with the older SharePoint API, but wondered if this functionality is also present in Graph API?


Thanks in advance.

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Did you ever find a solution to this issue as I have the same question.



I had to resort to using the SharePoint REST API v1 which allows for attaching files. At the time it didn't seem like Graph API was capable of attaching files to SharePoint list items, although this might have changed since.




Have you find any solution that how we can add a file as attached in out list in Share Point by Graph API Library? C# code ?