{AssociatedOwnerGroup} error

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After using NuGet to update the SharePoint PnPCore2013 package I now get the following error while deploying the security section of my site.


"Additional information: Object reference not set to an instance of an object on server. The object is associated with property AssociatedOwnerGroup."


Current package: SharePointPnPCore2013 v2.13.1703

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Do you have your build number of SharePoint 2013?

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I did get this to work by recreating default groups but i'm not sure why this was necessary.


$web = Get-SPWeb http://myweb


I think that PnP simply doesn't create SharePoint groups. Any of the seurity elements is expected to exist already. In general I exclude security anyway (-Excludehandlers option). When moving templates from one farm/tenant  to another security accounts often do not match.