AppSource Store policy - SharePoint add-in works in conjunction with Dynamics app?

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I'm building a solution that integrates Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Online.
I have two packages: SharePoint add-in and Dynamics 365 app (managed solution).
My plan is to submit the SharePoint add-in to the AppSource Store and describe that the SharePoint add-in works in conjunction with other add-in (Dynamics 365 app) that is available from the provider. The Dynamics app creates Application user and in this way I' able to achieve server-to-server (S2S) authentication.
My question is - is this approach allowed by the AppSource policy?
My understanding of 5.9 and this post is that the described scenario is not against the policies which means - it is allowed?
If someone knows better channel to verify this - please let me know.
I highly appreciate any help!

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Additional note: the official place for Office Store question is StackOverflow with tag 'office-store' (!

The same question is posted there as well. After I get the question answered, I'll share the answer here.