Apps for sharepoint(In APP catalog) not showing in sharepoint

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      I upload SPFx package in sharepoint catalog, after upload package it showing blank. Please help me to sort-out this issue.


Before Uploading Package

Image 1  


After Uploading package getting empty

Image 2 

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Hi @karkyp 

If you refresh the page, do you see the package deployed?


Instead of using classic App catalog, better to use the modern app catalog for better results.

Also, from the screenshot, all of your packages are checked-out. They should be checked-in and published to use the app.

No, even I refresh page, it not showing. I think last uploaded package contain some typescript error.

Hi @karkyp 

Can you check the browser console (F12 - Developer toolbar), if there is any error reported?

Also, on the blank page, right click and check the view source.

Hi @karkyp 

Doesn't seems to be anything wrong. 

May be you can remove each app one by one and try again. Don't forge to download the apps as a backup.

Hi, How to remove the app because sites/Apps/AppCatalog/Forms/AllItems.aspx showing blank. Its any other way to remove app.

Hi @karkyp 

You can use PnP PowerShell as follows:

$AppCatalogSiteURL = "Your app catalog site URL"
$AppName = "Name of your app"

Connect-PnPOnline -Url $AppCatalogSiteURL -Interactive
$App = Get-PnPApp -Scope Tenant | Where {$_.Title -eq $AppName}
#Remove an App from App Catalog Site
Remove-PnPApp -Identity $App.Id


If you don't remember your app names, use Get-PnPApp to list all apps first.

Hi, Thank you I will try now