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We are currently using the PnP extension method SetThemeByUrl() that applies all themes by iterating through every web of a site collection, starting with the root web. This approach takes a fair amount of time and can endup in nasty timeouts. 

Until Nov 2014 there was a property that could be set with CSOM (ThemedCssFolderUrl) that was significantly faster than the above approach. 

There is a User Voice request that is currently requesting this to come back. Does anybody have any information how long this will take to come back (or not)? We are currently thinking of writing our own solution to fix that problem. What I can see in their code, the Dev PnP team is also waiting for this. @Vesa Juvonen @Erwin van Hunen


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We don't have yet timeline or even confirmed use case for this, but it might arrive as part of the monthly releases we do for SharePoint Online. With on-premises situation is slightly more complex and I doubt that this woudl be arriving for the CSOM. It's not optimal - absolutely get that. 


Thanks for the response Vesa. Not the answer we wanted to hear though. Smiley Wink Working on our on solution then.

Some updated news on this. We will push out November 2016 release of SharePoint Online NuGet packages this week and "ThemedCssFolderUrl" property will be included with this release. Hopefully this helps with your customization requirements.

Thanks for this update Vesa! This will help us a lot. Looking forward for the release.

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