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Hi folks. Lets say I used partner pack to create a template from a site collection that has some branding done to it. How dow I create a new site collection with said template with branding applied as well? I think i am able to create the site collection with all the list and so forth but I am not so sure abt the branding part. If any one can point me in the right direction that would be good. Thanks in advance

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@Hi @Debayo Graham, What did you use for branding?

If you use a composed look then it can be includd in the template..


In general I find this the easiest to srto out uisng PnP PowerShell (I'm not suggesting that you use PnP Powershell for your end solution, but to test the tempaltes it does help as you can very quickly add more or less options)


Get-PnPProvisioingTemplate witht he switch -PersistBrandingFiles included and then

Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate will include the composed look.



Pieter is right alternative you can upload a alternative css file in the template.

 <pnp:WebSettings RequestAccessEmail="" NoCrawl="false" WelcomePage="SitePages/Home.aspx" SiteLogo="" AlternateCSS="" MasterPageUrl="{masterpagecatalog}/seattle.master" CustomMasterPageUrl="{masterpagecatalog}/seattle.master" />

Thanks again for your response, will be doing some more reading on composed look and the povisioning engine and report my solution

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Also I notice that when i extract the template using powershell I get a .pnp file. This .pnp file contains my .master file and some other stuff, i also think the xml makes reference to all my layout.aspx files. In my testing ApplyProvisioningTemplate() does not upload these files to the new site collection (layout.aspx files). If it should, please let me kow what i did wrong or how i can uppload these files. The error i get is


Value cannot be null. Parameter name: stream


I think this occures when its processing one of my layour files referenced in the .pnp file