Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate path exception

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We are using the PnP provision cmdlets (v3.28.2012.0) to provision sites in an onprem 2019 farm.


When calling 'Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate' with an xml template file we see intermittent 'Value cannot be null Parameter name: path' messages. As far as I can tell the path that it is referring to is the path to the xml file passed to the cmdlet using the 'Path' parameter rather than a path that is defined inside the xml file although it's not clear how to tell even with debug level logging enabled.


What is odd is that this exception seems to occur after it has already started processing the xml file. So it has already accessed and read the xml file so the path must be valid.

The exception is:


System.Management.Automation.RuntimeException: Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: path

   at System.Management.Automation.ExceptionHandlingOps.CheckActionPreference(FunctionContext funcContext, Exception exception)

   at System.Management.Automation.Interpreter.ActionCallInstruction`2.Run(InterpretedFrame frame)

   at System.Management.Automation.Interpreter.EnterTryCatchFinallyInstruction.Run(InterpretedFrame frame)

   at System.Management.Automation.Interpreter.EnterTryCatchFinallyInstruction.Run(InterpretedFrame frame) 


Has anyone seen this before?








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