Application cusomizer on classic pages

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Will we be able to use application customizers on classic pages/classic sites when spfx ectensions goes GA? If not that would preclude us from using it for gloabl navigation on a tenant that had any classic sites,

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AFAIK, customizers will work only in modern experiences...for classic experiences we still have "classic" might happen Microsoft will provided support in classic pages too, but I have not heard anything about this

I too was hoping that the Application Customizer would work on classic SP pages.  That it does not is positively *heartbreaking* because it would pretty much fit my current project requirements perfectly.


Of course, as Juan Carlos González Martín said, 'for classic experiences we still have "classic" techniques', but that means we don't get all the SPFx goodies for all of our pages (or any), and if we wanted them we would have to build the solution twice, once for each type of page -- not a good situation.


NOTE TO THE SP ENGINEERING TEAM: Anything that *only* works on the "modern" UI is currently only useful to *only* a small portion of the SP user community.

Can you provide some links to walkthroughs of the techniques for classic pages?  I'm trying to use javascript injection and alternate css to do a full branding solution for our farm.  I can't find any 'official' microsoft lesson on that.

Wait a minute: you said farm? Is this for SPO or for SP OnPrem?

My need will be for on prem.

I dont think these will be coming to on prom anytime soon. Only the client webparts will be in the next feature pack.