ANY Best way to Develop sharepoint Custom Solution with Multiple Pages (Not Web part) in office 365

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I worked on premises enviroment of sharepoint 2013 where I can easily develop any WSP custom solution from scratch using visual studio ,including custom master pages and multiple content pages 

as  like we develop web Applications in question is how can we do this in office 365 

Please Note I dont want to create this as a single web parts the reason is if application has 30 modules 

I dont want to create 30 web part for it

so sharepoint community how we can achive this either by

SPF ,Sharepoint Hosted APPS or any way out ,thanks in advance


Any Help

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Hi @fahadaslamtanoli123, you can use SharePoint Framework to create a solution as a SPA which is the same as developing Application pages in on-prem. Other than that you can also develop PowerApps.

@Sudharsan K  thanks  can you please explain this point using sharepoint Framework creation of application pages what i study it gives only option for web part and extension only