Any 3rd party plugins tool for preventing contents download from sites/libraries besides DLP?

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Currently my working company still work out for DLP (Office 365) and may take 1 year to finalize the policies and purchase process.

For the alternative way, I may seek for other 3rd party plugin tool to prevent document for downloading.

Any recommended?

Please advice and help.


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What about using IRM-enabled document libraries?
Does it applicable to SharePoint Online? Does it build-in feature or the add-on feature?
Yes, you can switch on IRM from the SharePoint Admin Center.

You can then turn on IRM on a document library by clicking LIBRARY SETTINGS > INFORMATION RIGHTS MANAGEMENT and then configuring the policy.

We need to purchase additional subscription for IRM as my working company subscribes only Office 365 Enterprise Plan 1 only.

Other other solution if any?