Annoying Field Labels when Generating a Word Doc from a SP List Item

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Hi all, hoping someone can help me out.  I am creating a word document from a SharePoint list item via metadata, and it looks great except for unused fields.  The mapped document property shows the name of the field in brackets when it's empty.  I found conditional logic using Alt + F9, and read the article but the auto-refresh that's supposed to happen when you open the document isn't working.  So the result is that I can do a CNTRL + A, F9 manually, and the field gets hidden, but otherwise the annoying label shows up.  The only other thing I've found online is writing a macros, and I can't do that for this use case. It feels like there should be a way to do this out of the box.  If anyone has already figured this out please let me know, thanks!

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