Announcing Tenant-Scoped Deployment of SharePoint Framework packages

Iron Contributor

We are pleased to announce a new tenant-wide SharePoint Framework (SPFx) deployment option, which complements the existing site-collection targeted deployment option.  Developers can choose to mark their solution as being ready for tenant-scoped deployment which gives tenant administrators the option to make a SPFx solution and its corresponding parts and extensions immediately available across all site collections in a tenant.


You can find out more about this capability via this documentation and this overview video.

Note that with tenant-scoped deployment, declarative provisioning to sites via feature.xml is not available. Therefore, developers should consider whether their solution requires feature.xml-based provisioning. To mark a solution as tenant-wide deployable, developers will also need to mark their packages with the SkipFeatureDeployment flag.  This then gives administrators the option of tenant deployment scopes for their SharePoint Framework solutions. 


The tenant-scoped deployment option is now generally available across all Office 365 tenants.  We look forward to your feedback around this!

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Is it possible to deploy without having to having to click the "deploy" button ?

Great and useful feature added to the SPFx
For Extensions (but also regular Web Parts i spoze), what is the impact of removing an app from the SharePoint Admin area?

Does this remove the deployment from all sites automatically? Or is there any clean up that would have to be done?