Angular 7 DOM Events freeze Sharepoint.

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I have a form, that we have done a lot of work on in the last couple months. Made 100's of small changes in the last couple months and about two weeks ago, I made an addition to the form that causes the form to freeze Sharepoint. It takes about 10 minutes for the page to recover and the actions to take place. In the mean time, there are two things happening; "zone.js" and "xhr rerendering." I reverted the code to before this takes place to find the cause of the problem, thinking that there may be code that sharepoint didn't agree with. Unfortunately, no matter what I code. The page exhibits the same behavior. I cannot add another element binding to my Angular 7 template. Purely from an Angular perspective, there is nothing wrong with my code. I'm not suggesting it's perfect, but it runs beautifully on my local machine. There is a problem between the code and sharepoint. A lot of these requirements are expected on many of the pages we have, this is a massive problem for our business.


Any and all insights would be appreciated. 

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In case it's of any consequence, I externalized zone.js and wrote custom change detection in the component. At this point the performance problem changed from "zone.js" to "xhr rerendering"
Feel free to ask any questions that you have, I will answer them to the best of my ability.