Alternative option to "Send To" Connection in Modern Sites

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Currently we have Intranet as Classic Sites. Users work with Documents in their Team Sites and once reviewed these documents are sent to Document Center site where they are Approved and Published. This is done using OOB "Send To" Connection. This also leaves a shortcut to the moved document in the Team Site from where it is sent.


We are planning to move to Modern Sites but unfortunately there is no "Send To" connection in Modern Libraries. We can use OOB move functionality to move the documents to the Central Repository Site but there is no option which generates shortcut to the moved document in Team Sites. Can this be achieved creating a Flow which moves the document to the Repository and also creates a link/shortcut to the moved document in the Team Site Library? or are there any better options available?



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What about creating Links to that documents in the destination document libraries...if that's not a valid option, I could think on developing a SPFx Extensions that basically emulates the Send To feature

Thank you very much for your suggestion. We have requirement as below:

1. User creates a new document in their team site

2. Peer review will be done by other team members

3. Document will be sent to a Central Repository "Master Documents", which is a separate site (Similar to Document Center).

4. A shortcut will be generated to the Moved Document in the Team Site.

5. Config Managers review, approve and publish the documents in the Master Documents area.


Config Managers don't allow any users to Edit the documents directly in the Master Documents area. Except Approvers group rest all users have read-only permission to that area. If users want to update the document, they will download a copy from the Master Documents area, do the changes and send it for approval again. Company has a very strict Document Control policy.


So, as per your solution, if we leave the documents in the Team Site itself and generate links in the Master Documents area,  Approvers need to go to individual libraries to approve the documents. Also users directly edit the documents in the same area. Even though, without Approval, other users can't see those documents until they are approved Config Managers don't like that option, and want to completely isolate the working documents area from the published documents.


Thanks a lot for your time. Much appreciated.

I can think on another option here that could work: use Flow for the Approval process of the documents and link generation / document copy in the Master Documents Area

That's a good option. Is there anyway a flow can be attached to multiple libraries across sites? In SharePoint Designer a workflow can be attached to a Content Type so that workflow runs for all the Libraries. I don't see any such option with Flow other than export/import Flow. Thanks once again!