Adding all company forms on sharepoint

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My company wants to have all forms (leave requests, travel requests, etc...) on SharePoint. They want employees to login to SharePoint and fill out a request that uses InfoPath. I have noticed that I am able to read all submitted requests and edit them. I was told to make all these submitted requests private that would cause problems on the SharePoint. I am wondering why that would cause a problem, as well as what are the other cons to having all company forms on the SharePoint.

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First of all: is this a new solution or and old one?I'm asking this because if you are talking about a new solution, I would avoid to use InfoPath. In the case of being an old solution, the only thing you can do is to configure security at the list item level so you break inheritance and each item (and also the InfoPath form) are accessed by the right people

If you go to list settings -> Advanced settings

You can change the Item-level permissions

I would recommend: Read items that were created by the user

and Create items and edit items that were created by the user

Users with full access can see all items.


I would not recommend to use infopath as it will be replaced in the future. You can take a look at PowerApps and embed the forms on a SharePoint list.