Adding a Page Properties webpart to a modern page using PnP Powershell

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Is it possible at the moment to add a Page Properties web part to a modern page using PnP PowerShell? I've managed to get the others working but looks like the latest webpart hasn't been added yet - has anyone investigated this yet? It's one of the hardest bits of info to search for!


@Erwin van Hunen - is this still waiting?

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Hopefully you can use this as a basis for the PowerShell code:

var page = ClientSidePage.Load(context, "Home.aspx");

var components = page.AvailableClientSideComponents();

var pagePropertyWebPartDefinition = components.FirstOrDefault(x => x.ComponentType == 1 && x.Name == "cf91cf5d-ac23-4a7a-9dbc-cd9ea2a4e859"); // Page Properties Webpart Id

var pagePropertiesWebPart = new ClientSideWebPart(pagePropertyWebPartDefinition) { Order = 0 };

List<string> fieldIds = new List<string>() { "20457c05-86aa-4931-9d4b-ea9e5725f40a" , "c5c97a76-74dc-44df-be13-af1b3f660746" }; // You field Guids

pagePropertiesWebPart.PropertiesJson = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(new
  title = "My Page Properties",
  selectedFieldIds = fieldIds.ToArray(),
  availableFields = new string[] { }



Thanks, will give that a try later today and let you know. How did you pull the IDs?

I got the field Ids by querying the list and loading the fields property:

context.Load(sitePagesList, l => l.Fields);

Then matching against a list of my chosen field names, something like:

sitePagesList.Fields.FirstOrDefault(x => x.InternalName == columnName ||
x.InternalName == columnName.Replace(" ", "_x0020_") ||
x.Title == columnName);