Add custom action with add-pnpcustomaction



I'm trying to hide the delete button in SharePoint Online list ribbon; I tried with custom action and powershell but I'm blocked (see SPO custom action to hide delete button - Microsoft Tech Community ).


With other research I find that, maybe, is possible to add a custom action with the powershell cmdlet add-pnpcustomaction of Pnp.PowerShell module; I have seen the syntax of the cmdlet but I don't understand some thing; I have a list, only a SPO list, where I want to apply the custom action: is it possible?

Say I have the where I have some lists, but I want to hide the delete button in the mytestlist: how to reference it in the command?


From some sample found online and also from the documentation sample I write something like this:


Connect-PnPOnline -Url "" -Interactive
$cUIExtn = "<CommandUIExtension><CommandUIDefinitions><CommandUIDefinition Location=""Ribbon.ListItem.Manage.Delete"" /></CommandUIDefinition></CommandUIDefinitions></CommandUIExtension>"
Add-PnPCustomAction -Name 'HideDeleteButton' -Title 'HideDeleteButton' -Location 'CommandUI.Ribbon' -RegistrationType List -Sequence 10000 -RegistrationId 101 -CommandUIExtension $cUIExtn


But, my 2 questions are:

  1. is it correct
  2. how or where reference the list?

Any help is appreciated.





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