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Hi Experts,

I am looking for a SharePoint functionality to implement in our reporting project.

I have a SQL server database table which has City Hierarchy data. Now I want to build a Reports Access Site which should have the City arranged in hierarchical order (Country->Region->State->City).In order to view the data for respective cities, the user need to go to this site and create an access request by selecting the cities/state/region/country he needs access to and then submit for approval.

This request should then go through various approval levels and then store this request along with approval details/status in another database table in SQL SERVER so that it can be used by system to provide access.


Is this doable and if yes then is there any links/videos which can guide me on how to do it.



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@NiviPower you could do this with a flow in Power Automate. The SQL Server connector is premium so will cost something. Once you've got the relevant licence you could create a flow and have a button on each item of your SharePoint list which would trigger it to request access.




In your flow you would use a Start and Wait for approval action for each of the levels of approval. After everyone has approved, the flow would save the request and all the approval details (decision, date approved, comments) to a new row in SQL Server, so you'd need fields for everything. An email could then be sent automatically as the last action in the flow to the original requestor with the details of the approval.


I don't have SQL Server or the connector so can't do a demo, but it's certainly do-able in Power Automate.


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@RobElliott ,


Thanks for the reply.

Can you direct me to a link/video demo where the source and destination will be a CSV file/Excel file. I can have an idea and can replicate it with SQL server.