about WCF Service in SharePoint

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Hi there,


I created a WCF Service in the SharePoint. And I have a Class Library will involve the WCF service from my client's machine.


I added Service Reference of the service http://win-6clkd4aeaol:8096/_layouts/15/SPWCFService/SPService.svc and login. I got the error message "An error occurred while attempting to find services at 'http://win-6clkd4aeaol:8096/_layouts/15/SPWCFService/SPService.svc'. The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. ". I have a try to test my WCF Service on my SharePoint Lab and connect to http://win-6clkd4aeaol:8096/_layouts/15/SPWCFService/SPService.svc/GetData?F=5. it works properly.


I have no idea on it. why I cannot add WCF Service from my SharePoint Server.??

Thanks for ur help.

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