AadHttpClient doesn't work in Safari

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Why is this issue not being talked about more and why isn't it a top priority for Microsoft to fix? It's going to stop working other browsers in the next year or so, as well. I just spent months building a SharePoint site for a client only to find out it doesn't work in Safari on desktop and mobile because of third party cookie blocking. 


MS tried to apply a fix by redirecting the browser to a different URL for authentication but that method only works about 1 out of 10 tries for me (maybe I have too many AadHttpClient API calls on the page?). 99% of the time when I try to view my site in Safari I get the following error and none of my API calls to the database return any data. I do not get the error in other browsers when using the same user account.


InteractionRequiredAuthError: Seamless single sign on failed for the user. This can happen if the user is unable to access on premises AD or intranet zone is not configured correctly


When I turn off third party cookie blocking I no longer get the error. Is there a workaround or are we stuck waiting for Microsoft to change how authentication works?

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