Site collection listing in SharePoint admin portal


I know there is a deep link between the SP site created by MS Teams and Office 365 which can be jeopardized if an admin deletes the site collection – but is there a way to see a listing of these sites somewhere in SP admin portal?


I would very much like to know how many team sites are out there and how much data they are consuming. Right now this information is not available via SP Admin portal in my tenant.

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The team is working on making the modern team sites connected to Office 365 groups more visible in the admin UI; but for today, an admin can run a Powershell command to find all site collections, modern and classic across their tenant.

To add to what @Mark Kashman said, the PowerShell cmdlet you could use is:


Get-SPOSite | Select URL, StorageQuota, StorageUsageCurrent  


If you don't know how to connect to Office 365 using PowerShell,  check out or this Pluralsight course  if you have a Pluralsight subscription. 


I was aware of the powershell option - looking forward to the UI enhancement :)


Vlad, our SharePoint Administrator (with O365 Admin) ran this script and it returned only the list of sites we can already see. Still cannot see the sites creates via teams and groups.


Are we missing something?


Andrew - I did test this before and cannot recall on top of my head if it was working before or not but you are correct I dont see those sites in powershell either. If i explicitly call the specific site with Get-SPOSite then it works. The listing does not work in powershell either.

@Vlad Catrinescu

@Mark Kashman

@Andrew Warland

Hi Mark,

I thought I had read this elsewhere but I am struggling to find any mention of it.

Do you know how close Microsoft are to allowing modern team sites connected to Office 365 groups to be visible in SharePoint Admin?


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