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We'd like to provide the ability for people to easily see what they have shared both internally vs externally in their doc libraries and in OneDrive.  Currently it is quite difficult since you have to look in each folder and each file.  Is there an easy way to report on this?

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Hi Jeff,
I haven't seen or heard of anything that will give you insights on sharing at the overall library level or reports.
We've seen more and more updates on the user experience for end users and site/library owners.
It's possible that we will see reports like this, until then I recommend going to and adding it for the product team to see

There are a number of analytics views in place today, and it's pretty light (per file analytics withint he OneDrive for Business UI/app, site analytics on the new modern site contents page, and personal time management via MyAnalytics, tenant admin reporting for ODB & SPO + audit level reporting capabilities in the Security and Compliance Center within Office 365 admin center).


What's your asking for certainly leads into what the team has listed as a top are of focus, evolving the analytics offering - for both users and admins (site owners and tenant admins). Adam Harmetz shared his 2017 top of mind ideas toward the end of this #MSIgnite 2016 session if you want to hear how SP engineerring is thinking about htis space next year:"Discover what's new and what's coming to the SharePoint Mobile and Intelligent Intranet" on-demand BRK2029 session recording:


There are a number of views on data we want to provide so that people can easily see what they have done over time to help best manage their data and activities. Thx for the feedback. Always open to very specific requests...

@Jeff McDonald Please make sure this suggestion is on ... if it is, vote it up. If it's not, add it.  Send me the link to the suggestion ( and I'll make sure it's brought to the right team's attention.