Get notified when a SharePoint site is associated or disassociated from a hub site

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I understand that you can set a policy on a SharePoint hub site regarding which groups are allowed to associate a site to it using the PowerShell Grant-SPOHubSiteRights command. But looking at governance, can an administrator get notified when a site is associated or disassociated from a hub site? So, instead of checking all the sites or generating weekly lists of hub sites and underlying associated sites using PowerShell, can an administrator receive a notification when a site has been associated or disassociated from a hub site?


Get notified regarding hub site association using Microsoft Flow triggers?
For example, can the following Microsoft Flow / Azure Logic Apps triggers become available: "When a site has been associated to a hub site" and "When a site has been disassociated from a hub site"?

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Harold, we don't currently provide notifications for when a site gets associated to a hub. We are working on an approval process so that when someone associates their site to a hub, the hub site owner gets to approve the request. Great feedback though for those that don't plan to use an approval process.
In the meantime, you could totally do this by making a powershell that uses the get-spohubsite (off top of head), and based on count etc. you could have this alert you when something gets added by running on a schedule.
Yes this is something I might need to toss together and get posted.

All great replies! Gives a lot of clarity of the future vision and workarounds already possible regarding this governance related aspect.