Document management - Copy/Move between SharePoint sites?

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WIthout Explorer view document management has become more difficult in O365 SP. We constantly field user compliants in this area. 


While I can upload many documents via drag & drop, once they are in SP managing them as a group becomes much more difficult than in early versions of SP. 


OneDrive 4 Biz now allows for the copy from OD4B to SP, great feature, but we're losing ground in the SP realm.


It seems O365 is saying...collaborate in OD4B and "publish" to SharePoint.


Suggestions/best practices for users? (not a migration/3rd party tool question)

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Hi Eric,
It's been announced that the Copy/Move feature you saw from ODFB to SharePoint will also be available from SharePoint to SharePoint.
This is brand new, from days/weeks ago and still in First Release. This will come in the future and ODFB really is for starting on a document from a more personal view/perspective.

It's definitely expected for you to work directly in SharePoint if it's a Team or centralized content or work you are doing.

Have you tried the Sync feature in your SP doc lib? This way, users can upload/put the file in Windows Explorer and onedrive sync client will sync it to the SP doc libsync.PNG

I have actually had to stop syncing as I was seeing a lot of errors. Great idea though!
Also love how you can drag and drop files right onto the web page and it starts uploading. Baller.
+1 for what Benjamin said...this was demo'd by Teper or someone during Keynote at MS Ignite if I remember correctly.